Where The Dream Starts

Every Good Thing Starts With a Dream

The frost like silver hair symbolizes our life long achievements obtained with decades’ laborious work and sacrifices for our loved ones. Family and friends are the most precious treasure in our life to cherish when we reach our senior years. Slowing down our pace and gathering together with the people we love as often as we can at a warm and comfortable place is our humble thought of planning our JOYFULTEL.

Everything is difficult before it gets easier. So many obstacles and considerations had to be overcome in order to find a most desirable construction site in this big city. It was even harder than starting a new business from scratch. A perfect location requires easy access of urban life, clean and quiet residential type of living and convenient transportation to reach any destination easily. After so many twists and turns, we found this perfect place of tranquility but not far from the lively shopping area at Linkou.

There had been so many things to learn, to plan, to try and to implement. For our senior guests, it’s not a dull, depressing nursing home alike motel, not a overly exaggerated high class hotel, but a cheerful, beautiful, cozy mini home away from home you may dream of. Such clear and pure thoughts were carried out through our execution processes. Square layout guest room with elegant color scheme will please one’s eyes. To surprise our guests, every room has its own balcony, which provides additional dimension to view outside world. The hotel open public area is decorated with concise and delicate modern Chinese arts, elegant and neat lines, steady and warm color tones, as well as the gentle texture of wooden work. It makes one feel like walking in a tranquil and peaceful painting. It makes our JOYFULTEL your beautiful and comfortable residence you love to stay with us again and again.


Since early 2020, world has been struck by Covid-19 virus storm. It causes our structural change to our ways of thinking and doing business. With our loving intention to ease traveler’s stress and frustrations, after careful consideration, we decide to dedicate our newly constructed JOYFULTEL with newest of everything to serve our guests.

Guest Room


Our hotel room provides you a friendly homecoming feeling. Its layout focuses on a neat, clean and simple atmosphere without exaggeration. Wooden flooring eliminates dust mites that may cause one’s allergic reactions. Brand new imported bedding, separate toilet and bath/shower with specially chosen toiletries, interactive multi-media channel display, telecommunication system, wireless broadband network, and universal sockets that meet EU regulations,…, which provide you with a cozy and comfortable stay. A unique balcony with its high-efficiency airtight sliding door widens your view to enjoy outside fresh air or have a quiet moment inside without being disturbed.

Basic facility in the room (NO SMOKING ON HOTEL PROPERTY)

Concierge service exclusively for our guests

Exclusive Courtesy

The facilities and services of JOYFULTEL are available to our guests only for their privacy and sense of respect. Please contact front desk if additional service is needed

07:00~10:00 Breakfast buffet – 1F

Every morning JOYFULTEL provides our guests with a sumptuous breakfast buffet, loaded with local and western cuisines. Enjoy our delicious foods in a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere to energize yourself while welcoming a brand new day. Bon Appetit!

24 Hours Lounge Bar at 1F

A 24 hours self-service non-alcoholic beverages station is available to all JOYFULTEL registered guests only. Tasty snacks or seasonal fruits are available from time to time.

06:00~22:00 Conference room – 1F

A conference room with capacity for 10 is available for our guests. Please contact front desk for reservation

12:00~22:00 Audiovisual room – 1F

Audiovisual room is available to our guests. Please make reservation with front desk.

06:00~22:00 Fitness area – B1

A fitness center with new equipment is available to our guest to work out. For your own safety, please wear proper workout gears and shoes. No food or drink allowed at the gym. Keep the area clean all the time. Table tennis and snooker tables are free to our guests. Please make your reservation at front desk.

24 Hour Self-service laundry – B1

Self-service laundry is available to our guests. Contact lobby front desk for laundry detergent.

Thoughtful and attentive services


  • Guest only parking
  • Travel itinerary planning
  • Taxi services
  • Iron, ironing board
  • Fax, photocopy, printing
Our Location

Where We Are

座落桃園機場捷運長庚醫院站(A8)外⼀公里處,鬧中取靜的方便私密,迥非⼀般旅館可及,長庚醫療網絡,帶動綿密公共交通建設,台北市區與機捷沿線輕鬆抵達,更可銜接高鐵(桃園)與台鐵(中壢),延伸至環島旅遊之規劃。前往華亞科技園區只要五分鐘車程,出門轉個彎,便利商店、超市賣場、美食餐廳就在您左右,即便旅遊在外,生活機能絲毫不受影響。心近在咫尺的三井OUTLET PARK、環球購物中心GLOBAL MALL A8 & A9,更將為您帶來豐富精彩的休閒購物時光。

Travel by car

/ Drive

Exit at 41A Linkou Interchange on Sun Yat-sen Freeway, drive towards and turn left at “Wenhua 3rd Road”, turn right at “Xinghua 3rd Street”, and you can get to the hotel.

Exit at 41B Linkou Interchange on Sun Yat-sen Freeway, drive towards and turn right at “Wenhua 3rd Road”, turn right at “Xinghua 3rd Street, and you can get to the hotel.

Public transportation

/ Public transportation

Taoyuan Station- around 20 minutes by car and transit to Airport MRT to A8 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station.

Airport MRT
A8 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station- around 5 minutes by car.

Fuxing 1st Road Stop- 898/937/945/946/948/1212, get off and walk towards and turn left at “Wenhua 3rd Road”, turn right at “Xinghua 3rd Street”, and you can get to the hotel.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Stop - 708/786/822/854/858/920/925/936/5063/5116/1209/1210/1211

Long-distance bus
Kuo-Kuang Bus Linkou Station, get off at Wenhua 2rd Road, move towards and turn left at “Wenhua 3rd Road”, turn right at “Xinghua 3rd Street”, and you can get to the hotel.

U Bus Linkou Station, get off at Fuxing 1st Road, move towards and turn left at “Wenhua 3rd Road”, turn right at “Xinghua 3rd Street”, and you can get to the hotel.

Formosa Fairway- Taipei Station, Taipei Chang Gung, Zhongli Station, Taoyuan Station

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